TheraPlay Pediatric Sensory Gym is located in Cullman, Alabama. Our office provides pediatric habilitative services for speech, occupational, and physical therapy services. TheraPlay provides support and training to parents and caregivers as well. We utilize an interdisciplinary, multisensory approach to treatment in order to provide our patients with the best outcomes possible. 

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Autism Society of Alabama


Speech-Language Pathologists  are trained to help children effectively communicate their wants and needs. They are trained to help with feeding and swallowing issues.

Speech &
Language Therapy

Occupational therapists are trained to help children with activities of daily living in the home, school, and community. They are trained to help children organize and interpret sensory information from the environment.

Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are trained to help children with functional mobility by addressing gross motor development.

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