TheraPlay specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with special needs. Our highly trained therapists provide speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Our 2,000 square foot sensory gym is equipped with various swings, a ball pit, bubble tubes, a jumparoo, and many other interactive therapy tools.

​Speech & Language

​- Articulation Disorders

- Receptive/Expressive Disorders

- Oral-Motor Difficulties

- Pragmatics/Social Skills 

- Communication Difficulties


-Augmentative and Alternative    Communication

Occupational Therapy​

- Fine Motor Skills and handwriting

- Upper body strength 

- Visual/Spatial Processing
- Play/social skills
- Attention & Concentration 
- Sensory integration

Physical Therapy​

- Gross motor skills

- Balance and coordination
- Motor planning
- Gait/mobility training
- Flexibility

-Body Awareness

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